File this under we told you so. Autonews is reporting BMWNA is disappointed with 5 Series GT sales. According to BMW the wagon/SUV hybrid isn ‘t attracting the 5 Series wagon crowd and instead stealing sales away from the more expensive 7 Series.

> “The disappointment I have is that I thought a lot of our 5-series station wagon customers would go with the GT, ” O ‘Donnell says. “In point of fact, that is not happening. We have lost those customers to the competition — mainly to Mercedes-Benz.

> “The GT has attracted 7- and 5-series customers and conquests, ” he says, “but not the station wagon customer we had hoped. ”


Perhaps more importantly for BF readers BMW has changed their mind on wagons in the US given this news. THey now are publicly saying they will keep the 3 Series wagon in the US when the next generation touring debuts next year.

>O ‘Donnell says he doesn ‘t want to lose wagon sales to Mercedes-Benz so BMW will keep the 3-series wagon in its lineup.

> “We are not giving up the 3-series wagon because if you give it up, they will go straight to the competition, ” he says.

And what about the 5 Series wagon?

>O ‘Donnell says it may be too late for this generation. “It ‘s in the back of my mind, ” he says. “When we do the next generation, maybe we should. ”

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