BMW 5 Series GT


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The best news we ‘ve heard for awhile. The the 5 Series GT is failing to sell to wagon owners. What we ‘ve been saying would likely happen has happened and BMW is dealing with the 5GT stealing share not from the the previous E60 based 5 Series wagon. But the good news here? It looks like BMWNA will be bringing the next generation 3 Series wagon over to the US based on these sales.

Moving on to the M range we talk M5 details. Yes the 560 hp + super sedan is just months away and we ‘re getting hints at several pieces of technology that haven ‘t been talked about yet. And one of those pieces of technology (no surprised to listeners of the show) will be ceramic brakes.

We also touch on what will be under the hood of the F3X M3. Our sources are telling us it ‘ll be a modified version of the N55. But you ‘ll have to listen to hear it all.

Finally what about the 1M CSL? We won ‘t say it ‘s not happening but it remains very unlikely in our mind. But there is something coming for 1M owners…