First it was the 2 series and now it ‘s the 4. Yes the old rumor that BMW would be filling in the literal holes of it ‘s product line has surfaced again, this tim at Autobild. First with the 1 Series coupe moving to the 2 series nomenclature and now with the rumor that BMW will introduce a 4 series. However unlike the 1 series coupe and convertible becoming the 2 series, we don ‘t expect the 3 series two doors to become the 4.

According to Autobild BMW will release the 4 Series to better compete with Audi and Mercedes. Yes that would mean that BMW thinks there room between the 3 and the 6 series coupe and convertible line-ups. But that ‘s not all BMW sees wearing the 4er name-plate. Like the 6 Series four-door Gran Coupe, we expect BMW to release a 4 series four door coupe. Think of it as a better looking (hopefully) Audi A5 Sportback.