We just received word from a dealer source that BMW North American intends to send the E90 out with a bang by offering the “Performance Edition ” with August production. The ZMZ package (as it ‘s known on the options sheet) will include the following:

– BMW Performance Engine Kit (additional 20 hp and 32 ft lbs of torque)
– Black Grilles
– Performance Edition badging

In order to receive the ZMZ you must order your E90 with the Sport or M Sport package. It ‘s our understanding that installations will be done at the port and that a similar dealer installed retro-fit will also be made available.

The price? A shockingly competitive $550. We ‘ll have more details soon. In the meantime, let ‘s take a closer look at the crux of the package, the N55 ‘s engine kit.

The kit is really all about software. The DME software tuning changes the engine parameters to increase horsepower and torque output.
Horsepower is increased to 320hp and torque to 332 ft-lbs (automatic transmission) and 317 ft-lbs. (manual or DCT transmission).

This gets the 335i to 60 mph .2 fasterand .5 faster from 50 to 75 mph. Crucially the kit includes an additional water cooler and a more powerful fan for the main radiator.

Hat tip to Jim.