Color us impressed. This video created with Jonas Imbery and BMW ‘s Electronic Media Department is actually one of the cooler things we ‘ve seen BMW release in quite awhile. Check it out after the break.

Official Release: The BMW Group and its brands BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce stand for innovation. This has long been true of more than just the areas of design and technology. New pathways are constantly being opened up and new trends set in the field of communications. And so it is only logical that a new audiovisual approach has also been sought for communication about the new BMW 1 Series. “The process of manufacturing a car is an exciting one, and so it has already been filmed many times over. As an innovative company, the BMW Group wants to show that the product also ion of a vehicle can also be presented quite differently – without the authenticity of the processes getting lost in any way “, says Bill McAndrews, Head of Communication Strategy, Corporate Communications, at the BMW Group.

“check my machine ” is a film project which has been created in a close collaboration between the BMW Group ‘s Electronic Media Department and creative Munich artists Jonas Imbery (Gomma Records) and Mirko Borsche (Bureau mirko borsche). The Brainstormclub and Eyetrip are responsible for production.

The soundtrack, composed by Jonas Imbery, could also be played in the world ‘s most popular clubs. “The appeal of the work was to develop a viable, independent, recognisable composition that only makes use of vehicle sounds, such as the blinkers, GPS voice, closing noises, seat belts, doors, safety alarm, to name but a few. The visual resolution at the end shows clearly that the percussive elements such as the bass synthesizer, the vocals and the melodies were produced by the vehicle itself. ”

Mirko Borsche adds: “We wanted to set a new standard, to create a unique visual language and to stand out clearly from how a classic image film looks. The aim was that the film should become an independent, artistically challenging work.

“Various visual design resources were used to transform the technical environment of the production halls into an emotional world. To separate the machines and robots from the rest of the area, we worked with selective focus, carefully targeted lighting and reflexions incorporated through crystals “, explained Daniel Falk from Eyetrip.
The film can be viewed from Monday 11 July from 6 p.m. at Youtube under the following link: