We have discussed tri-turbo gasoline powerplants here of late but several years ago the big talk was how BMW was working on diesels with 3 turbos. Today that news is front and center once again thanks to insiders (such as Herr/Scott 26) spilling the beans on some of BMW ‘s possible future offerings. The 3 liter inline six tri-turbo diesel will make its way into the Life Cycle Impulse of the X6 and is rumored to have more than 350 hp. The next vehicle to accept the diesel transplant with performance in mind will be the 6 Gran Coupe.

The real interesting tid-bit is that ///M may have played a roll in the development of some of these motors. BMW ///M has always been known as the master of petrol performance and has rarely ever (if ever) dabbled in diesel. Alpina, has produced and continues to produce some legendary diesel engines and of course Audi and Peugeot have had storied race careers with oil burners. The news of ///M possible getting involved is something very interesting to ponder.

The name M 50 d was recently applied for and is currently up for opposition as a trademark of BMW, is this one of those times where BMW just goes out and trademarks a name with no intention of using it (like 555) or is this foreshadowing something to launch in the not so distant future; it seems more like the latter but with BMW becoming less conventional in its naming schemes we will bite our lip in anticipation.