Our favorite public source is at it again with some insight into the forthcoming 6 Series shooting brake.

Here ‘s the good Herr26 as he wrote on BimmerFile earlier this week:

>For the 4er another option is, and you will see something next year but based on the 6er. Will be a fully fledged Shooting Brake, again the idea is based on how well the 6er Shooting Brake will be received. The 6er Shooting Brake will appear as a concept car and is based upon the 4dr Gran Coupe. So that four doors are retained.

>The roofline is lower than a conventional Touring and is seen as a respite to markets such as the US which normally shun wagons. The 6er Shooting Brake will also be an interior concept as it will mix connected drive technology with new interpretations of materials in the interior. such as brass, copper and crystal. The seats trimmed in white leather have eames-type wooden backrests.

>The 6er Shooting Brake is a stunning looking car, lower, sleeker and more sportier than the conventional sporty looking Touring variants. And is very much favoured by BMW ‘s top management. If the car makes production after feedback it could pave way for a possible 4er Shooting Brake which is on the table as a further progressive idea. What is significant is that the modular architecture developed under the F30 can be adapted to accomodate these proposals if given approval.

What are the odds of the shooting brake happening? We ‘d give it 60/40 from what we ‘re hearing. The better question is whether or not it would come to the US. Given the recent interest in the shape (from Ferrari and Mercedes) we ‘d hope that it ‘s a no-brainer.