It ‘s been an interesting few weeks here in Bavaria, especially seeing a Monte Carlo Blue new ///M5 driven the wrong way down a one way street. Whomever was at the wheel must have missed the the iDrive nav instructions or was distracted by a man, women and baby in a stroller trying to take pictures (safely from the sidewalk). Regardless, the passenger (presumably the driver ‘s significant other) rectified the situation with some yelling and pointing. The driver had some significant issues trying to operate that difficult (for a BMW employee) “beer tap ” shifter which was hysterical, but they were back going the correct way in a few moments.

It looks great, no thanks to the lousy iPhone photos but it really plays the part of subtle aggressiveness. It ‘s more E39 than E60 in terms of styling demeanor. The exhaust was mute at the low speeds required in the cobbled pedestrian zone, giving little hint of whats brewing under the hood. I was hoping for at least some rumble at low speeds like the 1M or even 335IS but to my ear in this particular car it just wasn ‘t there (or the hum of driving over cobbles droned it out). If anything, the sight of one the most modern super sedans in early production form in one of Europe ‘s most preserved medieval walled cities is one to be amused by.

Look for much more on the new M5 on BimmerFile later this week.