BMW seems to be hopping on the bandwagon like other German automakers by establishing different styling and packaging lines within a specific model offering. Mercedes Benz has been using the lines, Classic, Avantgarde, and Elegance for years in Europe with Audi using terms like: Attraction, Ambition, Ambience and of course “S ” Line.

With the intro of the newly designed F20 1 Series BMW used Sport and Urban to distinguish two separate styles and packages. In the US we have had this concept of “lines ” ever since the refresh of the X5 when there became X5, X5 Premium, and X5 Sport Activity. What using “lines ” does is allow the manufacturer to pre spec cars in a certain way and decrease build complexity while also decreasing overall costs and still giving consumers a choice. It also makes cross shopping a lot more difficult since each brand is doing things a little bit different.

With the F30 we have heard rumblings that there will be 3 lines in addition to the continuance of “M Sport “. The rumored lines would be Modern, Luxury and Sport in theory but not necessarily the actual naming conventions. The Sport line is rumored to pickup where the “IS ” models left off and to build on the concept of offering a tuned sporty version from the factory that is not as honed (nor as expensive as) an ///M model and will transition the brand as ///M becomes more of an individual along the lines of BMWi.

The F30 will be revealed in all its glory in the not so distant future so stay tuned to BimmerFile for more information as we get it.