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We at BF get a lot of opportunities to drive BMWs. But rarely do we have a chance to current M line-up aganst each-other at a track like Laguna Seca. And more than anything we wanted to see how each the M3 and the X6M stacked up against the newest and most acclaimed M cars in years – the 1 Series M Coupe. I won ‘t give the results away but one thing that was pretty telling was how excited I was on each lap with each car at the famed corkscrew. There ‘s one car late in the recording that causes me to almost scream like a little girl.

The big take away from this test (beyond the eventual winner) has to be the track. I ‘m not talking about Laguna (which of course is one of the best tracks in the US). I specifically talking about driving street cars on a close circuit. We ‘ve long been a big proponent of track time and clubs such as the BMWCCA who host such events. We simply can ‘t stress enough how much better a driver it makes you and how it improves your understanding of what your car can and cannot do.