BMW ‘s out of house/in-house luxury performance tuner Alpina has taken the wraps off of the most potent B6 ever. Expected to debut at Geneva next year the B6 “makes due ” with 507hp twin-turbo V8 as found in the B5 BiTurbo. However a couple of tweaks to the B6 BiTurbo make it especially interesting. The carbon fiber trim in the front certainly sets the B6 BiTurbo apart from the more pedestrian Alpina offerings. But it ‘s the Akrapovic exhaust poking out the rear that has our mouths watering.

But what does this mean for the US market?

Traditionally (meaning the last 6 years) BMW has only imported the B7. However with the engine range becoming increasingly similar between the B5, B6 and B7 it doesn ‘t seem that far fetched to imagine a B6 BiTurbo in US showrooms in the next few years.

Pricing and technical data will be available closer to the spring launch.