Could M do the unthinkable and ditch BMW ‘s famed inline configuration for a V? It ‘s been rumored for several years now but we had no hard evidence of the move. Until now. The video after the break is the first we ‘ve seen of the new F80 M3 four door in action on the road. And we ‘ll be damned if that exhaust note doesn ‘t sound a lot like a highly tuned V6 rather than the smoother sounding inline 6.

If it ‘s a V6 we can imagine the engine will be loosely based on the M5 ‘s S63tü twin turbo V8 but with even greater high-end power and efficiency.

What do you think? Does it matter if the next M3 has an inline six or a V6 under the hood?

– Video Source: F30post
– Photo Source: Kilometer Magazine