Dr. Jens Marquardt, Head of BMW Motorsport, indicated that BMW Motorsport in collaboration with BMW M GmbH are looking at possibilities for bringing a new customer race car to market. Marquardt wants to develop a race car that customers can buy and operate for a season on a budget of less than 100k euros.

This is well below the current offerings of the M3 GT4 and Z4 GT3 cars that Motorsport currently offers. The latter two are well in excess of 200k euros to purchase and operate. While no specific model was discussed, the 1M or future M2 would make the most sense for this proposed racer, as the base car is reasonably cheap and the M3 racing components would fit with minor adjustments.

The Motorosport boss also announced plans to launch the Z4 GT3 in the US for 2013 in the Grand Am Series. If the proposed rule changes are adopted there is no reason for Motorsport to not offer the model. According to Marquardt, the Z4 GT3 has developed a significant customer base in Europe and has been successful.

Racers in the US have been actively seeking the car out and BMW wants to deliver it, but the current rules will not allow the car to be raced in any US series without significant changes. BMW M produces the engines for both the Z4 GT3 and the M3 GT4 in close cooperation with Motorsport.