We ‘ve just heard from a reliable source that the next generation coupe based on the newly revealed 3 Series will retain the 3 Series name. According to this source, the F32 coupe which has begun more formal testing will be offered in several forms including a 340i as a way to further differentiate the coupe from the sedan.

The source added, that the next generation convertible based on the 3 Series F30, will use the “4 Series ” name, a Gran Coupe version is also planned and will be in the 4 Series equation as well.

The 4 Series will be a significant departure from both the coupe and sedan 3 Series models not only in exterior design, but offering larger engine choices and differentiated interiors. WHile this source has been reliable in the past we are still marking this as a rumor as we have no further corroboration on this information at this time. The launch of the new 3 Series based coupe is about 12-18 months out still so there is plenty of time to sort through all the info making its way out of Munich.

Thanks to our friends at Kilometer Magazine for the great spy shot- note that this car is HEAVILY cladded!