Want to get a jump on ordering your new F30? Today is your lucky day as the internal ordering guide has made its way onto the interwebs. First up, the three lines that debuted at the European launch (as we predicted) will make it to the US. But there are a number of fascinating nuggets within this release that bear some highlights.

First up the wonderful 8 speed automatic is now standard across the range. But before you get the pitchforks out, the manual is still available on both the four cylinder 328i and six cylinder 335i as a no cost option. Also standard (as you likely read about on BF) is a 6.5 ” TFT screen and the latest generation of iDrive. The full break-down on the standard equipment is after the break.

Our comments in parenthesis.

– 8 speed auto (6 speed manual is still a no cost option)
– 6.5 ” color display with iDrive
– Bluetooth connectivity (likely with BMW assist)
– USB/iPod interface
– One inch wheel upgrade – 17 ” standard on the 328i and 18 ” standard on 335i (about time)
– Dynamic Driving Control with ECO PRO Mode
– Automatic Start/Stop on all engines and transmissions (whoa)
– Brake Energy Regeneration
– Two cupholders in front of the gear lever and two bottle holders in the doors (thank you American consumer for demanding such high-tech features)
– Floor mats (thank you Toyota for making every automaker start to freak-out about floor mats)

Look for sales wil begin on February 11th 2012 worldwide (including the US). As is customary the first few months of production will be to build-out dealer stock (of mostly the 328i model).

Now for the details run-down

Source: Egmcartech