BMW announced that users of BMW online in the US will receive an update to the look and feel of this innovative service beginning today. Compared to the previous version of BMW Online, the new version has an updated look-and-feel. It bundles many services into an Applications menu, which may be personalized by the user. This new layout of services will allow BMW to seamlessly add new features as they become available. Customers who subscribe to the optional BMW Assist Convenience Plan and have a navigation-equipped vehicle capable of receiving the BMW Online service will immediately be updated to the newest version today, without having to make any changes to their vehicle.

Starting with selected 2009 Model Year vehicles, BMW ConnectedDrive was enhanced with the introduction of BMW Search, and since then its suite of services has grown to provide BMW customers with a convenient place to get relevant information. In March 2011, the service was renamed to BMW Online, but continued to provide the latest News headlines, Weather, Google Local Search results, Fuel Prices, Stock Indexes, and Send to Mail services.

BMW Online is just one of the many ConnectedDrive services available to BMW customers. BMW ConnectedDrive combines various elements from online applications, driver assistance, call center services and solutions for the integration of mobile devices. As a result, BMW customers are provided with an exceptional form of mobility, with more safety, more convenience, and more infotainment.

BMW Online provides access to a variety of information and services safely and conveniently:
Stock Indexes – Want to know the Dow Jones, S&P 500 or NASDAQ indices? BMW Online provides these indices right on the customer’s control display.

News – With BMW Online, the latest US, Business, World, Sports, Entertainment, and BMW news headlines are available to the customer.

Weather – BMW Online provides the latest 5-day weather forecast and even provides weather advisories and warnings.
Google Local Search –With Google Local Search, customers can search for a business listing to get important information like the address and phone number. Then, they can set the address as a destination in their navigation or call the business via their Bluetooth-connected phone.

Fuel Prices – The latest fuel price information is just a few clicks away! With BMW Online, customers can search for fuel stations nearby and sort by price or distance.

Send to Mail – With the Send to Mail application, customers can email their vehicle’s current location and destination to any email address.

BMW Online is available exclusively to Convenience Plan subscribers on BMW Assist with on-board Navigation system on the following models:

– 2009 and later Z4, 1, 3 and 7 Series
– 2010 and later 5 and 6 Series
– 2010 and later X5 and X6
– 2011 and later X3.

Source: BMW