With all the changes being made to how the new 3er is being packaged and sold we thought it would be in our reader ‘s best interest if we posted the ordering guide. As you look it over you will notice that there are may be concerns for some potential customers. Wanting sports seats in anything other than a Sport Line? Your ‘re out of luck. The other thing is that unlike the rest of BMW ‘s markets the US does not offer everything a la carte so you are forced into packages or a “line ” at this point.

M Sport is not being communicated yet from a packaging or price standpoint BUT one thing is for sure, (as we ‘ve reported before) is that amazing alcantara and cloth interior is not coming stateside due to BMWNA ‘s fear of cloth looking “cheap “. M Sport will hit the US in July.

Full guide after the break.

2012 3 Series Sedan MSRP and Equipment Nov 2011