With the recent sales start of the 2012 3 Series sedan full attention in the 3er realm is being directed at the 2013 3 Sport Wagon. The 3 Series Sports Wagon will make its debut at the Leipzig auto show this June. But perhaps more important to many of our readers is that we ‘ve confirmed an on sale date for the US market.

We ‘ve already confirmed that the F31 will make its presence stateside. Now we can report that sales will commence this fall as a 2013 model. The all new sports wagon will grow slightly in size and adopt much of the styling cues from the sedan. With volumes in the US so low this is more than likely the last of the beloved sports wagon from BMW, these things are going the way of the Dodo as perennial wagon builders Audi and Volvo have all but stopped offering them stateside outside the new All Road.

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