We ‘ve talked about the new advertisements from BMW and how they were to be more along the lines of what we love, “The Ultimate Driving Machine “. We were tipped by a reader to one of BMW ‘s new page takeovers for the 3 Series, ESPN.

The new ad flashes on the screen once entering ESPN showing the car ‘s headlights then offers the viewer to lift and see the centerfold. The page that is displayed uses the phrase “Full Frontal “, “Bust “, “Backside “, “Turn Ons ” and “Turn Offs ” to describe the car and have the viewer interact with the page. To some this is a little much, not for being risqué but for BMW to use such tactics as the brand in the US has always been above that and taken the high road.

With campaigns like this it is a wonder if BMW is still standing for, sporty luxury and elegance or just trying to sell the most cars. We are not really sure what to think but the reader that sent this in was a bit dumbfounded that BMW would stoop to such levels- this is something Fiat is doing trying to sell the 500 Abarth as they said.