The US version of the refreshed X1, model year 2013 will reportedly make its debut in New York next month. The X1 has been the fastest selling small SUV in Europe since its launch several years ago. The successful launch in Europe delayed the initial introduction in the US several times but now it appears the supply chain and the Leipzig plant can meet the additional demand the US will provide. It is said to come to market in four cylinder Twin Power and 8 speed automatic form this fall.

While the prototypes of the Life Cycle Impulse are still clad with the famous swirls of BMW we have learned that the exterior changes will be minor, consisting of bumpers more in line with the X3 ‘s styling, mirrors will receive LED turn indicators and the front lights will more closely resemble those of the EU 1 Series. The interior will be upgraded with technology and material improvements but most items will be retained. The X1 is derived from the E91 3 Series wagon and in terms of size it is not that different. The X1 will slate in between the MINI Countryman and BMW X3 as far as size and pricing. How will it sell in the US? We don ‘t see it selling in the droves it does in the EU because of size and pricing- the X3 will seem like the better value to most in the US and continue to be the sales leader although the possible addition of a six speed manual with the X1 may sway a few buyers away from the larger SAV.

We expect in the not so distant future for BMW to officially announce the X1 as bound for the US.

Image: World Car fans