The Czeck site has lifted the veil early on BMWi ‘s next concept – the i8 Spyder. Sure to catch the ire of BMW, the site has three photos showing a car clearly derived from the i8 Coupe concept that debuted 18 months ago. What this concept does is provide us with a more accurate view of the production i8.

First and foremost, the large glass covered (polycarbonate) doors have been replaced with non-transparent material and true windows that are located above the belt line. The gorgeous and aggressive A-pillar mounted side mirrors have been replaced with larger door mounted versions. This car appears to be smaller than the 2+2 coupe, as it should since this is a two-seat offering.

The i8 Sypder makes sense for BMWi has a way to increase the market of the complex and costly carbon chassis and hybrid drivetrain. Look for the full release with photos galore very shortly as BMW preps this concept for it ‘s New York debut in a few days.