If you ‘ve been following BimmerFile you ‘ll surely have read my own experience with owning a 1M longterm. The most recent being my six month recap. But while BimmerFile ‘s long-term review of the 1M will continue on, both EVO and Autocar are wrapping up their long term 1M test cars this month. And, as you might expect, both appear completely smitten by the thing. EVO ‘s Nick Trott wanted to buy theirs and Autocar ‘s Steve Sutcliffe clearly can ‘t get enough of the 1M on the edge.

While EVO ‘s review isn ‘t online yet (it ‘s only available on their print or iPad magazine) Autocar ‘s is and it ‘s in video form. Check it out after the break.

If the embedded video doesn ‘t work above, you can also see it on Youtube here.