BimmerFile has confirmed with former M Boss Ludwig Willisch that the next generation M3 will have an inline six rather than the much rumored V6. Mr. Willisch told BimmerFile that M did test a V6 but that the decision to go with the inline had been made “awhile back “.

One of the overriding factors was the character of the propose V6 engine. M engineers couldn ‘t get the power delivery to feel and sound as smooth as the inline six due to the nature of the V configuration. In short it didn ‘t feel or sound like an M3.

Mr. Willisch went onto say that the proposed V6 was a cut-down version of the current M5 engine and that it did fit into the engine bay rather well.

According to sources, we believe the next generation M3 ‘s inline six will have at least two or three turbos to both create increased horsepower and torque while emitting less CO2.

We ‘ll have more on the new M3 in the days and weeks ahead.