Official Release: To mark the 25th anniversary of the BMW Z1, the official BMW Z1 Club is organizing a very “special tour” from 2 to 9 June 2012. The main highlight will be a visit to the BMW Group on Friday, 8 June 2012. In addition to an exciting programme devised for the participants, there will be an “exhibition” of a rather special kind: throughout the day, the hundred or so BMW Z1 models owned by participants from across Europe and the USA will be on show and accessible to the public in front of the BMW Museum.

A detour to the past.

BMW has a rare treat lined up for its guests: the dedicated BMW Z1 owners will be invited on a journey into BMW’s past. As well as a tour of the BMW Museum and the BMW Group Classic collection (not open to the public), there will be an opportunity to visit the birthplace of the BMW Z1 – BMW Technik GmbH in Munich – 25 years after the wraps were taken off the new model at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Indeed, the BMW Z1 is the only vehicle that was not just developed but also built at BMW Technik GmbH. After a tour of the wind tunnel, specially built to hone its body contours, the BMW Z1 fans will have a chance to meet the BMW staff who were involved in the roadster’s development at the time.

Café M1 turns into Café Z1.

In recognition of the BMW Z1 Club visit, the M1 Café at the BMW Museum will be renamed the Z1 Café for the day. This small but excellent eatery will be flying the flag for the BMW Z1 and looks forward to welcoming aficionados of the legendary four-wheeler.