Dr. Wolfgang Brauer, Head of Corporate and Product strategy for BMW M GmbH, confirmed to us on Saturday that the BMW 6 series Gran Coupe ‘ will get the full M work over. Brauer did not go into details about the car but said that it would be a great fit at the top of the M lineup and it will be presented to the market in the next year. Expectations have the M6 Gran Coupe ‘ being shown by this fall and with a launch next Summer.

While the car itself should come as no surprise as we have been seeing prototypes for some time it puts to rest the debate as to whether the project was approved by the BMW AG board and thus officially green-lighted.

Details remain murky on the beast of a four door coupe but sources with knowledge of the project indicate that the M6 Gran Coupe ‘ will feature the largest single piece of carbon fiber M has brought to the consumer market in its roof. Additionally, the engine has been described as an “uptick ” of the current engine in the M5/M6, the V8 S63tü with more power and torque (580-600hp). The style and raw power of the M6 Gran Coupe will function as BMW ‘s halo car until the i8 is brought to market.

Image: Auto Motor und Sport