Spotted by a reader at Germancarforum, the 3 Series GT fast-back wagon looks like it ‘ll be righting the wrongs of the 5 GT with a sleeker less bulbous look. It also looks like it ‘ll do without BMW ‘s famed Hofmeister kink – or at least much of them.

We expect the 3GT to be shown early next year and hit showrooms later in 2013 as a 2014 model. What is unknown at this time is whether we ‘ll see it in the US or not. With the 5GT selling better than the previous 5 Series wagon, we ‘d be surprised if BMWNA didn ‘t bring a single spec (i.e. auto with the 2.0 four cylinder as the only option) to the US to test the waters.

The 3GT, like its larger 5 Series sibling, will feature room for five and a sloping rear hatch. Unlike the the larger car, the 3er will not have the complex (and heavy) hear hatch and instead will make due with a single piece unit.