Who ‘s bought BMW in August? Apparently not a lot of you as sale fell 34% for the month compared to last year. In total BMW sold 16,835 compared to 20,815 vehicles from August, 2011. Year-to-date, the BMW brand is up 5.6 percent on sales of 164,636 compared to 155,929 sold in the first eight months of 2011.

So what ‘s selling? Frankly not much. But there is one model that clearly is winning in its segment; the 6 Series. In fact the 6er is up almost 120% over 2012. Surely some of that is due to the model change-over. But we can ‘t help but think it ‘s also due to the fact the car is generally fantastic.

So where ‘s the new F30 3 Series in all of this? It ‘s down 29.3% somewhat inexplicably. Is it the lack of inventory? Or maybe the confusing option “lines “? More likely it ‘s the lack of decent volume when it comes to the all wheel drive option on the F30 that ‘s hurting sales. It debuted in August and should be available in higher number this September.