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The BimmerCast returns from summer vacation with a huge show… over an hour. Here ‘s a quick run-down on what we cover:

– First on the list; the introduction of the X1 to the US market. It ‘s the cheapest new BMW in the US and appears to be moving off lots quickly based on our sources. But what ‘s behind the X1 ‘s success in the US and worldwide? And is it the first BMW hatch-back in the US since the 318ti?
– The M135i; We ‘ve driven it and we give you a quick read what it ‘s like behind the wheel and how it compares to the 1M
– The F80 M3; So many rumors and so many secrets. We do our best to decode as much as possible and give you a glimpse on what could be a revolutionary M car.
– The M5 and M6; heavy weights that somehow defy physics. We ‘re just back from Laguna Seca and putting both cars through the cork-screw. We ‘ve got lots to cover and lots to dissect – especially on the highly improved M6.
– BMWNA Sales are down and we have some theories. Less deals (especially vs the competition), more bundled options and higher prices. Lots to discuss.

As always if you have comments or suggestions for future shows let us know in the comment section below.