The Germans are fighting on US soil. Fighting for sales that is. Both Mercedes Benz and BMW are vying for every possible sale to be number one. Last year BMW took the crown at the top of the hill and hopes to stay the number one luxury brand in the US. Mercedes has pushed hard all year with leasing deals and cash incentives to move cars off the showroom floor. That ‘s not about to stop, in fact both brands are said to roll out their usual end of the year specials earlier than ever before. Is now the time to get into a new ride?

BMW has moved its allocation numbers around, designating cars that would originally to be specced for the stifled European market into the inventories of US dealers. There are now upwards of 5,000 more cars that will be built to US spec and dealers are being granted the right to discount $3500 or more to move product. Current owners or lessees have it even better, there ‘s more money to be added on and in certain situations BMW will wave payments on your current car to get you into a new one.

Inventories are tight on certain models like the 3 series and C class from MB but with a flood of cars coming from BMW we ‘d say that the current deals and early December one ‘s for cars sitting on lots will be the best in years as in most cases a car needs to be delivered prior to the change of calendar year to be included in these sales and final tally for 2012. Like usual shop around and be flexible in certain options and you may be surprised at how much money can be saved. If you ‘ve been on the fence or trying to get the best deal it may just be the time.


215,596 Mercedes have been sold this year.


212,848 BMWs have been have been sold this year.

The above image is a wallpaper from BMW.