This week BMW M celebrated a close to its 40th anniversary by unveiling the BMW M6 Gran Coupe at an invitation only event. Car Magazine landed one of those spots at the event and snapped a few photos of a car with few surprises. The differences in appearance to the rest of the M6 lineup are few, namely the wheels and full length carbon fiber roof but there is one that stands out- the lack of a rear lip spoiler.

The rear lip was added to the M6 coupe to improve handling by keeping the rear planted, maybe the Gran Coupe doesn ‘t need it or maybe its just not fashionable to have a lip on a four door coupe. The M6 Gran Coupe will be BMW ‘s king of the mountain in terms of pricing when it hits the streets next year.

Click over to CAR for more images. Car via Autoblog via BMWBLOG.