The most well known automotive journalist in the world has driven the M135i and like us has fallen in love with the little hatch. The car that has won so many accolades (and made it to the second round of EVO ‘s car of the year voting) won ‘t be coming to the US but will form the basis of the M235i coupe that will. But enough of that. Let ‘s hear what Jezza had to say BMW ‘s best attempt ever at a hot hatch.

>I have a watch that will still work 3,000ft underwater. I have plumbing that can deliver water so hot it can remove skin. And I often eat in restaurants that serve food so complex that it’s way beyond the limited range of my smoke-addled palate. Also, as we know, I have a car that can go 80mph faster than I will ever drive.

>And that’s what gives the BMW M135i such massive appeal. You will never go round a corner trailing smoke from its out-of-shape rears . . . but it’s nice to know you could.

>And because it’s rear-wheel drive, the front wheels don’t have to multitask. They have only to worry about steering, which means the car feels balanced. It’s fantastic — as good as the Mercedes A 250 AMG I tested recently was bad.

Not a bad verdict from someone who has been historically hard on BMW. Check out the entire review behind an annoying paywall here.