BMW North America is about to film a new commercial and your car could be the star! All you have to do is share your photos of your 3 Series with BMW on Twitter or Facebook and they might just pick your photo.

They ‘re looking for photos of 3 Series from every year between 1992 to 2012. Front shots, side shots, shots of you and your car; any shot of your 3 in all its glory. Just so long as the car is not cropped or cut off. The photos could have been taken years back, or recently.

Photos that give a sense of the year through signs of the times, and show just how much things have changed over the last 22 years are a plus.

If you have a cool video clip of your 3 in action, send that too.

Tweet your photo @BMWUSA with the hashtag #BMW10Best or post your photo to The BMWUSA Facebook page and be sure to include the model year.

Having been in a BMW commercial for the launch of the F10 5 Series I can attest that it is a lot of fun and it ‘s really something amazing to see your car (and maybe even you) in a commercial aired on national TV. Give it a shot, crazier things have happened than a BMW lover seeing his or her car on the tube!