Last summer we told you the M4 would be powered by a turbocharged inline six. Since then we ‘ve heard from several sources that that engine will be based on the 3.0L N55. Now we have some further confirmation. Some enterprising gentleman on Bimmerpost did some detective work and reverse engineered his way to finding out a number of details about the upcoming M4. In doing so we have some confirmation on several aspects of the car plus a few new details – including the all important engine code.


Based on the VIN of a UK spec M4 test mule we now have another source telling us that the engine will be a 3.0L six code-named the S55. According to the VIN engine currently in the test mule is rated at 415hp – only one more than the current M3. While that figure could be a placeholder created by BMW we ‘ve recently heard that the next generation M3/M4 won ‘t have the big power increase some expected. Instead BMW M will focus on giving the cars 25% more torque than the previous M3, less weight and a much fatter power-band. All told we expect the M4 and M3 to be dramatically faster both at 0-60 and 60-120.

Part of the equation will be more emphasis on weight savings thanks to aluminum and carbon fiber. While we won ‘t see the fruits of the BMWi carbon technology for another 8-10 years in most BMW models, is aiming to get the F80 M3 and the F82 M4 near the curb weight of the E46 M3 – around 3,400 lbs.

The four door M3 will debut in production form at the Frankfurt Motorshow in September. However we wouldn ‘t be surprised to see a lightly disguises concept version show-up in Geneva in about a month ‘s time. If that holds we should see the M3 at dealer in the spring of 2014. The two door M4 should following about 6-12 months later.