Something hit me the other day as I was watching Chris Harris drift an AMG E63 around a corner. Mercedes AMG has a history of following up the standard Merc production cars with an AMG version mere months afterwards. But they don ‘t stop there. They continue to develop each model and release an thorough update when the standard car goes through the typical mid-model refresh (again just months afterwards). What it allows AMG to do is wait for the release of the corresponding M car, evaluate it and then attempt to trump it with the refresh. What does BMW M do? Nothing.


Granted we ‘ve never drive an AMG product we ‘ve have over the corresponding M car. But This constant refinement is an approach that has to be applauded. In adding power, refining software and even offering all wheel drive AMG has seriously upped the ante in the high power performance sedan segment with the E63. And that ‘s not to mention the “S ” model (which turns it all up to 11) that is rumored to be coming to all AMG models. One has to wonder if M have plans to do anything similar?

There ‘s rumor the CSL returning to the next generation M3/M4 and potentially even a faster and more performance oriented F10 M5. But how will they be marketed and priced if they make it to market? And will BMW start working in LCI updates as well?

BMW M has all the heritage and prestige on their side along with a key former AMG employee. But Mercedes AMG is clearly determined to win the hearts, minds and (most importantly) wallets of the enthusiast consumer.

(Watch Chris Harris drive the E63 at around the 5:50 mark)