It looks like that report we brought you about the i3 ‘s performance on it ‘s range extending two cylinder engine was on the money. According to BMWNA CEO Ludwig Willisch (via Automotive News), “The car ‘s performance will be affected when the gasoline engine is in use, he said. “The car will not be as agile. “It will not have full power when it runs on the combination. ”

We called it limp mode and that may be doing a disservice to the performance of the car with the two cylinder in action. However there ‘s now no questioning that the i3 will perform differently (i.e. slower) in this mode is engaged.


Of course the bigger question is will we ever even get to this mode in normal use? In my experience, even on weekend road trips I ‘d be hard pressed make into range extender territory (anything beyond 100 miles). However I would think having it on the car (an option in the US market) would be essential for many Americans who plan on occasionally using the i3 outside of urban environs.