According to über source Scott27 BMW brass have greenlit a small four door sedan based on the rear wheel drive mechanicals of the 1/2 Series. This is great news in our book as the other option would have seen BMW based the small sedan on the front wheel UKL chassis underpinning all future MINIs and FWD BMWs.

What wasn ‘t up for debate is the need for this car. With the CLA and the A3 looking particularly impressive and expected to do very well in both the US and China, BMW would be foolish to let anymore time slip by. 2015 may feel like like a quick gestation period for a new BMW model but the reality is that most of the development has already been done. We expect the 2GC to be marketed in similar flavors as the 1 and 2 Series. That means in the US expect a 228i and a M235i along with (drum role please) potentially a version fully massaged by the M division – the M2.