Motorsports / DTM 2013, Test Barcelona 2013

The earliest the new DTM series would begin would be 2015, possibly running as part of United SportsCar Racing event weekends- what GRAND AM and ALMS have combined to become. If realized, a North American version of DTM would join the current Europe-based DTM and Japan-based Super GT platforms. DTM and Super GT agreed last October to a cooperation starting in 2014.

Motorsports / DTM: german touring cars championship 2013, Test Barcelona

“The new technical regulations and the formed partnerships represent – for the first time in the history of the sport – a global platform for the manufacturers involved,” said Hans Werner Aufrecht, “a platform offering them the opportunity to race – on the same technical basis and with the best global promoters as guarantee for a competitive and attractive platform – in the core markets of North America, Europe and Asia.

“In addition to the six German and Japanese manufacturers – Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Nissan and Toyota – which are already involved, the new cooperation quite obviously also offers a new and extraordinary field of activity for the American premium manufacturers such as Cadillac, Lincoln or Dodge SRT within the framework of future motorsport programs. Now, we have to inform and thrill them together with our new partner GRAND-AM/IMSA and encourage them to get involved.”

Said GTA Chairman Massaki Bandoh: “The new partnership between the parties will further increase the value of DTM, GRAND-AM, IMSA and SUPER GT. This would be the opening of the doors for globalization of GT/Touring car races. We have to take this opportunity to cooperate with each other.”

European automobile manufacturers responded optimistically to news of the agreement, acknowledging the importance of the U.S. market to their businesses and the direct link DTM-style racing would create with consumers.

Motorsports / DTM 2013, Test Barcelona 2013

Jens Marquardt, BMW’s motorsport director, said BMW Mototorsport “welcomes the planned cooperation between DTM and GRAND-AM/IMSA. It represents another important step on the way to the internationalisation of DTM. We as BMW are extremely open-minded, regarding these plans. The North American market represents the biggest market area for BMW in general – and the biggest market area for BMW M vehicles, too. BMW has got a great motor-racing tradition in the USA and therefore, we are truly happy about the prospect to also see DTM vehicles racing in the USA, in the future.”

Sports car racing legend Hans Stuck, now the president of Germany’s motorsports governing body, Deutscher Motor Sport Bund (DMSB), considers the current DTM competitive environment a template for success. “If you want to hold motor-racing events in car nations such as Germany or the U.S., your grid must feature cars that have what it takes to fascinate the crowds,” Stuck said. “The technical DTM regulations that were developed by DMSB in close cooperation with the car manufacturers involved – Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz – combine this guideline with an extremely high safety level that also represents an international benchmark. We are delighted that these regulations will be used not only in Europe, in the future, but also in Japan and the U.S.”


How DTM would integrate into the frame work of United SportsCar Racing has been an area of concern since this idea was originally discussed nearly two years ago- DTM is a startup in the US without much of a fan base and would more than likely begin as a side event at NASCAR and United SportsCar Racing events. The current DTM model is very different than the typical endurance racing that most sports car fans are familiar with and with that being the case there is not threat of the DTM cars exiting some of the fan favorite classes like GTE. A DTM car has little in common with a production based race car outside some of the looks making it more representative of a P1 car than anything. The real concern is that manufacturers will pull out of other classes for financial reasons when the US DTM gets off the ground but that ‘s highly unlikely because of the DTM being a fledgling and the marketing impact may not penetrate as much of the market as a brand may like.

Either way we are looking forward to seeing the DTM in the states, even if it is only 6-8 support races initially because it is a spectacle that is sure to gain some real momentum with fans.