BMW spent yesterday at the ‘Ring doing what is likely some final suspension evaluation on three of the most exciting cars of 2014, the M235i, M3 and i8.

We expect the M235i to debut via the interwebs this summer with the M3 following closely behind. Both should be rolled out publicly at Frankfurt. The M235i will start production in November with US sales starting in late winter and early spring. We expect the M3 (only available as a four door) to follow that timeline almost precisely with an on-sale date of around March in the US.

The M235i is a carbon copy of the M135i we ‘ve already reviewed in a stiffer coupe body. While it ‘s not quite the spiritual successor to the much loved 1M, it should come close. 320 hp and a choice of transmissions (unlike the 1M) should make this a very popular car among BF readers.

The M3 will feature a twin-turbo inline six producing over 420 hp and likely around 400 ft lbs of torque. Also available with a choice of transmissions (at least in the US) it will be available as a four door only this time around with the new M4 taking over the roll the two door M3 had previously.

The i8 seen here should debut at roughly the same time potentially at the LA autoshow in November. Sales should start in 2014 but the exact timing is still unclear.