THe BMW Group presents the prize to suppliers who have distinguished themselves with outstanding innovation and performance.

“We are very proud of this award,” says Peter Tyroller, the member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH responsible for marketing and sales. “Once again, it highlights our associates’ innovative strength, which has secured our technological leadership.”

Robert Bosch GmbH was awarded the special prize for innovation partnership. With this prize, BMW honored the outstanding cooperation that the two companies have engaged in for several decades. Bosch has set numerous innovation milestones in a broad range of automotive projects. This has made the supplier one of BMW ‘s most important and most innovative partners. In addition to receiving this prize, Bosch was nominated in the categories “Connected Drive” and “Sustainablity”.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Herbert Diess, the member of the BMW AG board of management responsible for development, emphasized the importance of new technologies. “Innovation is a decisive factor in a vehicle’s market success. Many customers ultimately opt for the car with the most impressive innovations. In fact, innovations are a key driver in our role as a pioneer in shaping the mobility of tomorrow.”

In addition to continuously improving the internal-combustion engine, the Bosch is also working flat-out to develop alternative powertrain technologies for electric cars, efficient auxiliary systems, and a hydraulic hybrid, to name only a few examples. Bosch engineers are focusing their attention on a number of areas, among them automated driving, sophisticated multimedia solutions, and user-friendly interfaces. Today’s drivers already benefit from more than half a dozen assistance systems. While these systems were once reserved for the premium class, they are now becoming standard features in compact vehicles as well.

Bosch automotive sector employees work in seven areas of business: injection technology for internal-combustion engines, powertrain peripherals, alternative drive concepts, active and passive safety systems, assistance and comfort functions, in-car information and communication, as well as services and technology for the automotive aftermarket. Bosch has been responsible for important automotive innovations, such as electronic engine management, the ESP® anti-skid system, and common-rail diesel technology.

Source: Bosch