Photo shoots happen regularly in the auto industry- as a spy photographer if you stalk your prey to one of these shoots you will make a bunch of money and snap an undisguised car well before launch. Thanks to Autoblog we now have a clear view of BMW ‘s replacement for the current 135i, the M235i. If you ‘ve been living under a rock you may have missed that BMW is renaming all of its coupes by giving them an even series number; hence the new 2 series name. This car will be the first M Performance model stateside and if its sibling the M135i is any indicator- this baby is going to be a hoot.

Featuring an M tuned suspension, engine with 320 horses and M aggressive styling cues this model will be one step below the rumored heir apparent to the 1///M Coupe ‘, the ///M2. Plans are for the M235i to hit dealers late this year with an xDrive version offered soon after the initial launch.

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