Early this summer we went to Austin to test the new M6 Gran Coupe on the road and track. On the road the M6 was, as expected brutally fast and serenely comfortable. But on the track it felt at home despite it’s 4,400 lbs of curb weight and 7 Series length. Credit the magic of M and the magic of the $9,000 optional carbon ceramic brakes.

And of course credit the track. COTA isn‘t much to look at from the road other than a massive race vantage point spouting out from the in-field (aka the “mullet “). But it ‘s quickly clear that the track is an awe-inspiring masterpiece laid-out over undulating Texas topography. And after a day at the track I can easily say it‘s the most intimidating I ‘ve ever driven outside of the Nurburgring itself.

Add to that the ultimate M car and a gorgeous Texas day and you have something truly memorable.