For years there have been rumors of a four door 1 and now 2 Series. The idea is simple – stretch the chassis to accommodate for two more doors and a vastly expanded potential market. As seen with the early success of the Mercedes CLA, there’s a huge opportunity for a $30k four door german premium car. Like because of this success BMW has reportedly approved production of the 2 Series Gran Coupe four door. It’s an interesting move and in our eyes the right one.


With the 1 and 2 Series both becoming front wheel drive in their next generations (around 2020 for the 2 Series) this may have been BMW’s last chance to introduce a small rear wheel drive sedan. If this rumor proves true (and it comes from über insider Scott26) it’s a huge sigh of relief for the enthusiast who have been waiting for a long time for exactly this kind of car from BMW.

As we’ve previously reported, we expect a late 2015 introduction for the car.

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