There have been mixed reports in regards to the market launch of the BMW i8 Spyder. The Spyder, a roofless two seat sibling of the soon to launch i8 has reportedly been keeping engineers up late at night and may not be as cut an dry of a production vehicle as some outlets are pushing.
On some levels we wonder if the recent “leak” that the i8 is being green lit for production was a feeler for interest as BMW internally debates if the necessary reengineering will yield enough buyers to warrant the increased R&D budget. The car is sure a looker but there may be complications under the skin.

This latest information comes via Autocar quoting BMW officials familiar with the development of the i8 Spyder that the car is presenting “major challenges” and in regards to the CFRP, “The last architecture presented some fairly major challenges, to be able to produce a convertible in that format. The rigidity was hard to find with that particular architecture.”

The BMW official also confrmed there is “no set time frame” for the market introduction of the i8 Spyder. At the concept’s debut in 2012 , BMW announced the i8 Spyder would make production in 2015. It would appear that may not happen.