Custom motorcycle showcase site BikeEXIF has named its five favorite BMW R-Series motorcycles. While all “airhead” bikes, the selections included are a great collection of one-of-a-kind BMW motorcycles. The older R-Series bikes are steadily growing in popularity with custom builders as their age makes them more affordable. Yet cost is secondary for bikes that naturally lend themselves to customizations. The R-Series boxer twin engine has an iconic visual appeal, so it’s easy to make that motor the centerpiece of a special machine. These bikes also lend themselves to minimalistic, race-inspired customs with lots of empty space in the frames and that’s apparent in many of the bikes BikeEXIF chose to feature. If I could nominate a #6, it’d be this BMW R 100 from Deus Customs in Venice, CA. I especially like the modern suspension and brake components mated to a grunty old bike.

Source: BikeEXIF