BMW is giving enthusiasts three reasons to be excited for 2014. First there’s the M3/M4 – cars that form the heart of the M brand. We only get a new M3 (and in this case an M4) every seven years so it certainly qualifies as a big deal in our eyes. But as incredible as they surely will be, it’s the M235i that we’re perhaps more excited about. A car that starts in the low-40s with over 300 hp and a curb weight of 3240 bps (133 lbs lighter than the 135i) sounds about right to us. It’s also impressively small and much more in line than the M4 when it comes to BMW’s sporty coupe past.

Of course this is all before we drive them. We may be looking forward to the M235i more now but that may change very quickly once behind the wheel of the M4. We’ll find out in 2014.

The bigger question of course – what BMW are you most looking forward to in 2014?