2014 will be another banner year for BMW when it comes to new models. But what should we expect and when should we expect it? Read on for the full release schedule.

2014 NAIAS (January)

The new M twins will debut at NAIAS in a few weeks time with sales beginning in the late spring/early summer. Additionally the F22 will be making it’s public debut at NAIAS with sales beginning in March or April.

  • • M3 (F80)
  • • M4 (F82)
  • • M235i (F22)
  • • 228i (F22)


2014 Geneva (March)

Look for an internet debut of the 4 Series GC in February followed by a public unveiling at Geneva in March. Sales should start in the latter half of 2014. The front wheel drive active tourer (rumored to go with the 2 Series moniker which makes zero sense to us) will also be shown at Geneva. Sales should begin later that spring.

• 4 Series Gran Coupe
• FWD Active Tourer (F45)
• MINI Four door concept


2014 NYC (April)

The production version of the X4 will debut alongside a refreshed X3 (carrying some of the X4 cues). Sales begin in the summer.

• X4 (F26)
• X3 LCI


2014 Moscow (August)

The X6 will debut in one of its largest markets carrying many of the design language cues we saw debut in the X5. Sales should begin in the fall.

• X6 (F16)

2014 Paris (September)

The twins are back. The X5 and X6 M will debut simultaneously in Paris with variations of the M5’s s63Tü turbocharged V8 and a more aggressive look than before. Also debuting (and just in time for winter) will be the F23 convertible. No surprises there as it’s a cloth topped 2 Series that will come in all flavors including a rumored M235i model.

• X5 M (F85)
• X6 M (F86)
• 2 Series Convertible (F23)
• F55 MINI Four Door