NAIAS for BMW was all about the new M3 and M4. And up they were incredibly impressive. From the bulding rear fenders of the M3 to the incredibly lightweight CFRP M4 trunk-lid, the M twins lived up to the hype hands-on.

Then there’s the new 2 Series. The M235i looks like the 135i we always wanted. It’s righted some wrongs of the previous 1 Series while retaining the classic two door coupe look of BMW’s past. In a it is pure BMW more than even the new M4.

Stepping out of the BMW booth there was plenty to take in. The new MINI JCW concept looked impressive as did the Golf R. And new C Class features some interesting detail inside and the AMG CLA45 and GLA45 will give BMW product planners fits for years to come. Then there was Porsche with the new 911 Targa on display as well as the 918 (which was briefly open for business). But enough talk, you can check out all of the 200 photos after the break.