Best Concept

The universally praised Toyota FT1 gets the nod here. And as much as the aero-focused design is striking, the how the low the car is that really buckled my knees when I first saw it. Like the Toyota F86 the FT1 looks built from the ground up to be minimal and enthusiast oriented. Just imagine if this platform was the one that BMW and Toyota were sharing for new sports car development.


Best Production Car

How can we not choose the new M3. And yes you read that right. Not the M4 but the M3. The one with the massive fender flares, better seating position and more classic BMW shape. There’s nothing on the BMW stand we want more than the Yas Marina Blue M3. Except give us one with a stick.


Best 3 Series Challenger

The new Mercedes C Class looks great folks. Proportionally this is the best C Class ever. And the interior is (gulp) so clearly of higher quality than the 3er that BMW needs to take notice. Luckily for BMW the interface and digital typography continues to let down the overall aesthetic of the car.


Best Interior

Porsche 918. This is the future and it’s rare we see it on a super car.


Best NAIAS Highway Chariot

Ok this is a blatant attempt to show-off our E36 winter-beater. 64k on the odometer and in vaguely new condition, it’s a a complete mind-trip for those who have forgotten how analog cars were only 20 years ago.


Best use of Animal Hide

Yes it’s a bit much but wow. The new Mercedes S600 with Designo interior is simply stunning.


Worst Detailing Job

Sometimes the blocking and tackling of autoshow 101 gets missed. Even by the professionals.


Most Lipstick Applied to a Pig

We like the Fiat 500 Abarth. And we don’t mind the Fiat 500 itself. But the 500L is an abomination no matter how much flare you throw at it.

Best Ironic Sign Pointed at Booth Professional


It makes even more sense if you saw the front view.


Best Exhaust: Porsche 918

The Porsche 918 is stunning from every angle. But it’s the drivetrain that is perhaps the car’s crowning achievement. And the best visual demonstration of that is the engineering prowess required to route the V8’s exhaust through about everything and out the top of the car.


Best Back to Basics Concept: Nissan IDx Nismo

Is this Nissan concept a precursor to a modern Datsun 510? We hope so.


Worst Quality Entirely New Interior: 2014 Suburu STI

At least Suburu is consistent. The problem is that competitors such as the R32 Golf or the new MINI are leaps and bounds better in terms of places to live in.


Best Small Hatch Concept

The JCW concept looks like the JCW we’ve always wanted. If whispers are to be believed, this will be a 2,800 lbs car with 220 hp, bespoke suspension and enough fast bits to make this to quickest MINI of all time.


Best Overall: The Porsche 918

Sure it’s old news to many but this was the first time we had a chance to see the car up close and spend quality time in the driver’s seat (albeit it sitting still). The 918 is stunning in person but even more incredible hands-on. The craftsmanship is impeccable and the thoroughness of the design detail is unlike anything I’ve ever seen outside of Pagani. And all in a Porsche aesthetic that is minimally gorgeous.