According to Automotive News BMW’s Leipzig factory has increased production of the i3.
“The United States will be the biggest market for the i3. Because of this, we have started raising production levels and are currently at around 100 cars a day,” Harold Krueger the board member in charge of production said in a statement on Tuesday.

Previous output was at 70 vehicles per day with total production of 5,000 so far. The original target for 2014 production was 10,00 units and BMW is well ahead of that projection. In some European countries there is a 3 to six month wait for a build slot and wait list continue to grow as satisfied reviewers and drivers tell their stories. BMW did not anticipate such initial demand as the general reception to battery powered vehicles has been slow to gain momentum. Built from the ground up to be electric the BMW i3 is BMW’s first go at a mass produced electric vehicle and the world’s first mass produced carbon fiber passenger cell.