Dashing the hopes of fast hatch-back lovers everywhere, BMW M has confirmed there are no plans to build an M version of the 4 Series Gran Coupe. According to M sales boss Jörg Bartels, logistical issues in regards production are mainly to blame. The 4GC is built at the Dingolfing plant where no other 3 or 4 series M models are produced. The cost of bringing yet another plant online with all the complexities of M production is apparently not cheap.

435i, 4 series, gran coupe

On top of that the 4GC is actually quite different than the 3 Series sedan or 4 Series coupe in terms of component design according to Mr. Bartels. Therefore the cost of designing and engineering an M4 GC is not as simple as one would expect. Added all together the investment in what would be a relatively niche model didn’t make sense for M.

Considering our unabashed love for the 4GC it’s certainly a shame. But at the very least we’d settle for a manual transmission 435i GC in the US. Now we only BMWUSA would bring one over.

Source: Carsguide